Category: SnowRunner Trucks


SnowRunner – Kolob 74760 Porter V2

Kolob 74760 Porter V2 mod for SnowRunner. Changelog: Added rear axials steering Added set of big wheels Added high suspension Added chained wheels Added semitrailers with special semitrailers support (special frame extention) Added one...


SnowRunner – Fleetstar Offroad V1

Fleetstar Offroad V1 mod for SnowRunner. Custom Fleetstar especially for offroad Changes: increase steering speed and angel modern optimized engines 6 speed offroad gearbox heavy winches and one offline winch more bumpers, snorkels, exhaust,...


SnowRunner – Mother of All Vehicles V1

Mother of All Vehicles V1 mod for SnowRunner. This is a custom install.crack users also can use this Installation: Simply put files into SnowRunner/en_us/preload/paks/client/initial.pak/[media]/classes You can open initial.pak file using winrar app After adding...