GWC Goliath Truck V1.0 SnowRunner

GWC Goliath truck mod for SnowRunner.

Hey guys and gals, Ive got a real step away from my normal style of truck. I decided go big… big and heavy. I present to you all, Goliath. He’s big, he’s heavy, and he will pull just about anything you attach to him. Dont expect any break neck speeds here, Goliath wasnt built for it. What you will get it tons of brute force without feeling stupidly OP. It will get stuck from time to time if you arent careful. It also doesnt have an enormous list of custom addons or accessories. 4 tire options, one wheel option, standard 3 engines, 3 gearboxes and 4 winches. It does have a full list of vanilla addon parts and a new, custom built 8 slot trailer designed with off-road capability in mind. Dont you hate trying to haul one of the original game trailers and having the support legs get hung up on ever little thing? I know I did, which is why I built this replacement. There are folding ramps that tuck away into the trailer body. Use some common sense when unfolding them… extend first, then move them down.


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