City Car Driving Simulator 1.4 Released

City Car Driving love you played the new version was released. This new version is expected for a long time. There are many changes in the game. General new features and improvements: New location! Added the first district of a brand new virtual city: - more than 20 of highly detailed courtyards; - 3 major transport interchanges; - 3 large car parks; - 8 new landscape textures. ● New autodrome! It's used for new special defensive (extreme) driving exercises. ● New sounds! For car wheels skidding and sliding effects. ● Random dangerous situations! There will be generation of such events as: traffic cars driving on the opposite lane, etc. ● New exercises! Added new special defensive (extreme) driving exercises: - snake with an offset; - snake with overall gate; - snake both forward and reverse; - turn-8; - emergency acceleration, emergency braking; - straight limited corridor; - pendulum between limiters; - limited circular corridor; - reversed tunnel gate. ● Mirrors adjusting! Added an option of adjusting the mirrors. Download City Car Driving 1.4
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