Courseplay V7.2.1.1 FS22

Courseplay V7.2.1.1 mod for FS22.

Push Release
fix for #2449
fix for #2444
fix for #2440 and #2443
should fix #2265 and #2245

Push Release
fix for #2393 and #2396
fix for #2379
fix for #2427
fix for #2419
Help menu updated
Added pause button for recording fieldborder
Added a count down for bales to collect/wrap. Note that new bales produced on the same field will not update the counter immediately for performance reasons.
Added unload on field option for combine unloader. Use the target icon to get into the AI Menu. At the bottom there is a new option "Fieldunload" that have to be activated and a target set on or within 20m of the field where you unload on. The direction is in which direction the heap will grow.

Added Loader Driver for vehicles like Ropa Maus to pick up heaps of sugarbeet and empty bunker silos. While pick up a heap can be unloaded with the same unloader as combine unloader (switch the "Combine" on the HUD to "Loader", the rest is the same) when empty a bunker silo, it can work but due to walls, there is no way the unloader can unload it safely, try on your own risk :) The unloader will always drive next to the Loader and in the same direction. The Loader will unfold in a default position when he reaches the heap. However, when you drive there by yourself, unfold it and then move the pipe to a left or right position and a height like you want, it will keep the position when you start the driver. #606

Push Release Modhub Update

Push Release
Goeweil pack fix when CP HUD is active on vehicle.
Baler won't get blocked by bale when reversing and bale is still in the baler. #1863
Balepusher ignore bales configurable bool for vehicleConfig.xml (only for Fieldwork!) #2377
Added Bale Pusher and Bale Pusher to the config as first bale pusher.

Push Release
Disable fruit avoidance, if pathfinder fails #2316
Horizontal offset is not used for selfunload path #2324
Tweak for mods that have a built-in capacity #2335
Fix for info text synchronisation #2341
Added a global setting to enable/disable harvesting while raining #2343
Added error popup if the field name is already in use

Prevent stuck loading the game, when a map use a faulty bunker silo #2371

Push Hotfix
Fixes custom field destructor timing

Push Release
improvements for bunker silo driver #2265
Gui fix for non valid cp vehicles and disables the hud, while sitting in an attached vehicle (e.g. mobile Wood Crane).
Disables a few hotspots, while drawing a field border.
Disables shield raising while driving into the silo for now.
Add option for Fieldwork to send driver back to start waypoint, when done with work.

Prepare modhub Update
added bunker silo mode and combine unloader mode.
the remaining time for fieldwork is now displayed on the HUD.
support for Universal Autoload.
option to show the current course on the mini map.
user setting to change between feet and meters.
simple collision avoidance for unloaders to not crash into the combine.
option (keybinding) for course editor to delete all waypoints until the end.

new course visibility option (blue eye icon) to show everything
between the leading 20 and last 5 passed waypoints.
help menu sections for unloading combines and compacting/pushing in a bunker silo.
countless fixes and improvements.

Push Hotfix
The change for not unfold the combine after generating a course leads to the problem, that unfolding gets stuck.
So the combine won't get unfolded with the start of the course.
Need to find a better way, but for now it is better to have the combine unfold correctly.

Push Release
fix for combine unfolding when generating a course
fix for #2163 when island is on headland
fix for #2175 and #2112 for better row alignment
fix for #2188 by @marcus-anton
fix for #2165 not the best solution, but the Harvester don't drive away
fix for #2194
fix for custom field area for other mods (e.g. Seed Calculator)
added new course visability option (blue eye icon) to show the 5 last and 20 next Waypoints.

added new help menu sections for unloading combine and compacting/pushing.

Push Release
some more fixes for bunker silo driver (e.g. wrong behaviour with attached weight)
Add wheelloader + shield and snowcat support (Volvo wheelloader needs fixes by Giants, the snowcat works with 5km/h) #2137
should fix #2132

Push Release
fix for #2117
fix for #2127
might help with #2123
fixes AD not waiting for bunker silo driver to reach its parking position
few more improvements, adjustments and fixes for bunker silo driver

Push Hotfix
fixes LUA Errors with silo bunker mode e.g. #2114
fixes reverse driving tractors
fixes MP LUA Errors e.g. #2115
fix for #2113
fixes proximity sensor

Push Release
fix for #2094
fix for #2100
fix for #2092
added a minimum offset for auger wagon to trailer of 3.8m #2092 might help with #2090
Slightly adjusted automatic pipe movement. Should help with #2036

Proximity sensor will now be turned off on the same side as the pipe and not only on the left side.
Course rename enhancement #2075
added the Bunker silo driver*
added remaining time to the HUD for fieldwork** #1108

The bunker silo mode is available if no valid fieldwork implement or trailer is attached.
The mode is preselected when a shield or a spreader is attached, with a roller you have to cycle through the starting point setting in the HUD until the bunker silo mode appears.

With a shield or spreader attached, Courseplay sets the direction to drive into the silo automatically. If the vehicle has no shield or spreader attached, you have to set the direction manually.

You can also enable/disable the waiting at the park position.
If waiting at the park position is enabled, and a vehicle with a full trailer approaches (driven by the player or by AutoDrive), the driver will automatically drive to the park position and wait until the unloader finished unloading and left the detection range near or in the bunker silo.

The remaining time is just a leftover time prediction for fieldwork about some fixed parameters and will like have some inaccuracy.
Refilling, standing around (e.g. harvester waiting for an unloader) is of course not part of the calculation.


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