Demco Special Transports V1.0 FS22

Demco Special Transport mod for FS22.

Category : Low Loaders

General Characteristics:
3 sizes: SPTR 6x4 (6 Axles), SPTR 8x4 (8 Axles) and SPTR 10x4 (10 Axles)
Bale Autoload (Only for 180, 220 and 240 square bales)
Independent cushioning on each axle.
4 types of tires.
Platform leveling by elevating front and rear axles.
Pivoting on all axles.
Tips to correctly level the platform:
Raise or lower the rear axle group first until the platform is as parallel to the ground as possible.
Raise or lower the front axle group until the wheels touch the ground, as soon as the wheels turn it is enough.
If the front axle group is too low the platform will tend to scissor.
Color configurations: Main, wheel guards, side reflectors and rims.
It is recommended to use heavy duty trucks.
With Autoload activated the rear ramps do not work.

Individual Features:

STPR 6x4
Price: 78.500 $
Maximum Autoload Capacity: 52 Bales
Load Platform Dimensions: 3,7 x 11,5 Meters

STPR 8x4
Price: 98.500 $
Maximum Autoload Capacity: 72 Bales
Load Platform Dimensions: 3,7 x 14,6 Meters

STPR 10x4
Price: 118.500 $
Maximum Autoload Capacity: 88 Bales
Load Platform Dimensions: 3,7 x 17,7 Meters


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