ETS 2 – Improved Truck Physics v 2.5 (1.28.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.28.x About this mod, read carefully! Mod aimed at the players, who want more difficult and lifelike physics in ETS2. It adds lots of changes to almost parameters, related to truck and driver behavior. Key features: 1. More realistic and softer cabin movement; 2. Softer truck and trailer suspension; 3. Trailer is not so stable on high speed manoeuvres and while cornering; 4. User can loose control over the truck and trailer because of more realistic tyre and sway-bar settings; 5. Truck will accelerating and braking slower; 6. More driver body movement during driving and various manoeuvres; 7. More realistic engine/transmission/clutch settings; 8. It is harder to control the truck. Steering is not so arcade and easy; 9. New windshield wipers modes; 10. New motion physics for curtainshanging toys from Cabin accessories DLC. Supported trucks (IMPORTANT!): Mod support all trucks and trailers, but full support (which means tweaked chassis files) available only for trucks and trailers from vanilla game version. Other truck/trailer mods can be adapted manually (see section “truck/trailer mod adaptation”). Important: you still can use this physics with truck/trailer mods without any adaptation, but in this case, chassis suspension behavior will be not as planned by mod… Installation instructions: 1. Extract all files from downloaded rar-archive to some temp folder; 2. Based on control device you use to play ETS2 (keyboard or steering wheel) and desired cabin movement (soft/normal), copy desired physics mod to MOD folder and enable it in Mod manager with lower priority, than truck/trailer mod (to avoid possible conflicts); 3. Play! I very recommend to use gameplay and controls settings from provided jpg screenshots for better experince from this physics mod. Physics versions available: 1.physics_normal_keyboard.scs – normal cabin suspension movement, for keyboard players; 2.physics_normal_swheel.scs – normal cabin suspension movement, for steering wheel players; 3.physics_soft_keyboard.scs – softer cabin suspension movement, for keyboard players; 4.physics_soft_swheel.scs – softer cabin suspension movement, for steering wheel players.


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