ETS2 – Hilalimsin Save V3 Ice Trucks Mp (1.31.x)

Hilalimsin Save V3 Ice Trucks Mp mod for ETS2 1.31.x. Ets2 Hilalimsin save v3 Ice trucks no Map dlc, Save contents for: Scania S750 4x2 Scania R750 8x4 Daf 105 4x2 Renault premium 750bg [GIFT] DLC, REQUIRED Special transport daf tunning pack Scania Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack Halloween Paint Jobs Pack Cabin Accessories Christmas Paint Pack Pirate Paint Pack Ice cold paint pack If the DLCs at the top are missing or missing, the modification in the save will not be complete BAN FOOD EFFECTIVE RISK CONCENTRATED RULES YOU CAN PLAY WITH VOLUNTEER RELAX YOU RESPOND TO YOUR CHANGES ON THE MODIFIED ... money: EUR 450,000,000 level: 103 There are 5 garage main garage [There is plenty of money in the store so you will get the garages ...]


File Detail: 511 KB / RAR
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