ETS2 – Mercedes Actros Mp3 Reworked V2.0 (1.30.X)

ETS 2 Version: 1.30.x Truck purchase gallery Mercedes-Benz Mod replaces the default model of the Mercedes Actros MP3 – Plastic and paint bumper and part of the cab – Plastic and paint grid engine – A movable part on the rear wings – Front mudflaps – The decals on side glass Version 1.1: – The mod is adapted to patch version 1.23 Updated version 1.2 – Added 3D the inscription on the bottom of doors Mercedes-Benz for cabin A – Added plastic ducts Updated version 1.4 – Fixed errors in fashion – Added new tuning Updated version 1.5 – Fixed bugs – Added new tuning Updated version 1.6 – Fixed bugs – Added new tuning – The lower lights made by tuning in a separate slot – Archive with mod added the onboard computer from piva (plug in option) – With permission of the author made adaptation mod under Signs on your Truck Updated version 1.6.1 – Fixed spoiler Updated version 1.7 – The mod is adapted to patch version 1.30 – Fixed bugs – Added torque curves (autor abalazs) – New display (autor kuba 141) Updated version 1.7.1 – Added DRL lights – Fixed bugs Updated version 1.8 – Fixed bugs – New sound (autors: Kriechbaum, Paulnice and CosmicLizarddd) – New exhaust (autors: MTP(Moders Team Poland) and Schumi) – New fuel tank – New adblue tank – New tuning – New display (autors: piva, kuba 141 and Schumi) – New animations Updated version 1.9 – Fixed bugs – New chassis 8×4 (autors: MTP(Moders Team Poland) and Schumi) – New tuning Updated version 2.0 – Fixed bugs – added animation adblue – Added lacking tuning for cabin ms_8x4 – New textures radio, radio station and tachograph

SCS, Schumi, MTP(Moders Team Poland), Kriechbaum, Paulnice and CosmicLizarddd(Sound), kuba141 and piva(display) and abalazs (torque curves)

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