ETS2 – Scania 125 Years Black And Gold V1.3 (1.31.x)

Scania 125 Years Black And Gold V1.3 mod for ETS2 1.31.x. This is a Scania 125 Years BLACK and GOLD Trailer mod by Roadhunter to bring you a little more fantastic realism in Euro Truck Simulatior 2. ETS2 1.31.xx + DLC Scandinavia, France and Italia Schmitz Cargobull S.KO 4axles Reefer - base by: unknow - converted to ETS2 from ATS by: Zilpzap - rebuilt by: Roadhunter - edited by: Roadhunter - S.Ko_SCANIA 125 Years Skin by Blackwolf83M_Customs Trailer comes in 44 SCS Cargo

Trailer mod by Roadhunter

Skin mod by Blackwolf83m_Costums

File Detail: 19.9 MB / AXLE
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