Extended Oil Plant V1.0 FS22

Extended Oil Plant v1.0 mod for FS22.

The standard oil plant has been extended as follows:
- The unloading trigger has been moved to the side of the building to avoid collisions with the pallet spawner.
- The pallet spawner has been slightly moved and its capacity has been extended from 4 to 16 pallets.
- The production speed of the oil plant has been significantly increased.
- Maize oil can now also be produced.
- Added maize oil as a new product.
- The storage capacity for raw material has been increased to 200k.
- The storage capacity for products has been increased to 15k.
- The oil palettes have been made more realistic.

Also added a selling station that accepts most standard fruits, products, etc. in addition to maize oil.

- Price: 80.000
- Production costs: 60 / Month

- Sunnflower, Maize, Canola: 17.040 / Month (710 / h)
- Olives: 12.000 Month (500 / h)

For mod support on the Giants forums, PM Jumpfruit.


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