Farmingplay22 V1.3.9.3 FS22

FarmingPlay22 V1.3.9.3 mod for FS22.

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[FIXED] Sync system has been reworked
[MISCELLANEOUS] Some minor bugs have been fixed

Welcome to FarmingPlay22,

What is FarmingStudio21?
FarmingPlay22 is a game launcher for the LS22 that offers some additional features such as.
- Mod management
- Folder management
- Game Settings
- Download Manager

Available languages
German, English, Français

How do I install it?
Unzip the zip file preferably in a folder (I recommend 7-Zip Just right click on the file there -> 7-Zip -> Unzip To...
Then click on "FarmingPlay22 - Setup.exe" and follow the instructions of the setup
Once the installation is complete, the launcher will open and the setup will begin.

The setup
0.1. Select your desired language
1. First select your LS22 installation directory this is for example "C:Program Files (x86)Farming Simulator 2022"
2. Then select your MyGames directory, this is for example "C:Users%name%DocumentsMy GamesFarmingSimulator2022"
3. Then select your log file, it will be in the SAME folder (if not CHANGED) as in 2. (i.e. in the MyGames folder)
4. choose your application, if you have LS22 via Steam click YES on the question, otherwise just choose the shortcut to start LS22.

Code & Design: Nico.B / SimuTools Translation: Nico.B / SimuTools Icons: Daniel.B Testing: HoT team Other: HoT team

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