Freds Commando V1.0

Freds Commando car mod for Expeditions: A MudRunner Game

The vehicle has 3 chassis variants available 1.Stock, spring under axle, leaf spring. 2.Lifted, spring over axle, leaf spring and then we are left with option 3. A fully linked, coil-over version modeled after Marvin Stammel’s Commando, Seymour.

original model came from cgtrader. 72 nose was modeled by me. and everything to make it into Seymour was modeled by me.

All pog tires and associated Rims created by poghrim. all credit for them beautiful tires and rims belongs to him. km3’s and mtpro’s both came from cgtrader as well.

Huge thank you to all that help me along the way. huge thank you to everyone that actually enjoys my mods.

Mod will be available on all consoles, As of right now though, there is only PC .paks, It is only because I need to make a couple fuel and repair addons, (there is nothing preventing it from being driven and used in game) once I have those completed I will add the rest of the .paks for all consoles and change the version to AlphaV1, I just don’t feel that the lack of repair and fuel points is any ****** to really hold this in limbo for more than a day or two.

I would also like to make a note down here that unlike when I started making mods for SR, I actually have a good idea what it is, I am doing this time around, So there probably won’t be 100 repetitive mods just to learn coming out of the C.C.M. Shop. I plan on actually focusing my work on 2 to 3 mods at a time and updating them as I go until I feel they are completed, before moving on to new projects.


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