FS19 – John Deere Series 7R With Ezballast Underground Weight V1

John Deere Series 7R With Ezballast Underground Weight V1 mod for FS19.
Here is my converted 7R with EZ ballast

The original John Deere Series 7R was equipped with a frame with catch hooks for EZ ballast underfloor ballasting. The tractor with special equipment costs € 4,500 more than the standard version.
There are 2 weight types available. The light green with 1700kg and the dark green with 2200kg weight.

The EZ ballast underfloor ballast can be attached in a few seconds without having to get out. Simply drive the tractor in front of the weight and lower the catch hook. To do this, hold down the left and right mouse button and push it forward. When the EZ-Ballast catch hook is all the way down, drive the tractor over the weight. Connect with Q and fully lift the weight by pressing the two mouse buttons and pulling back the mouse.
Dismantling is just as easy.

With the award-winning EZ-Ballast underfloor ballasting system, you can optimally balance your 7R tractor within seconds. In contrast to other weights, the front and rear hydraulics remain free and can be used for other attachments.

Price: 242 500 €
Power: 269-352PS
Speed: 50km / h

EZ ballast weight:
Price: 2800 € each
Weight: 1700kg and 2200kg

Traktor: Giants/JohnyBoy
EZ-Ballast: JohnyBoy

File Detail: 10.1 MB / ZIP
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