FS19 – Manual Discharge V1.1

Manual Discharge V1.1 mod for FS19.
If you uncoupled an overloading vehicle while overloading was active, the overloading did not stop. Now it stops.
A transfer vehicle now needs PTO speed. That means, if you start overloading, the speed of the tractor goes up.
Fix for the CCM mill from Mais Plus. Overloading no longer stops after the trailer is 5 - 10% full. The speed of the grinder also goes up when it is overloaded.

Hot fix for the error that could rarely occur:
... / FS19_ManualDischarge / ManualDischarge.lua: 123: attempt to index local ‘specManualDischarge’ (a nil value)

The pipe camera now also works with transfer vehicles without any problems.
Pipecam added
Added translations for: Polish, French and Italian
Key assignment for the PipeCam:
Keyboard: [Y] (on an English keyboard this is the [Z] key)
Controller: [RB] + [LB] + [A]

The warning that the combine harvester or transfer trailer is empty no longer comes when they are empty. This only comes when you try to overload, although these are empty.
Overloading can now be stopped by unloading Premos into the bunker of the pelletizing plant with the Krone. (Straw recovery addon, but this mod is NOT mandatory for this version)
Added translations for: Polish, French and Italian.
Various smaller script improvements

This script enables you to start and stop overloading manually.
Hello everyone!
I have a little script for you here, which makes working with combine harvesters, harvesters, or transfer vehicles a little more realistic.
With this script it is possible to start and stop the overloading yourself. So no longer just drive over the trailer. But be careful, if you drive away from the trailer during unloading, it will tip over onto the ground. The same applies if you misjudge your approach when starting and do not hit the trailer with the pipe. This is not a mistake, it is intentional. So caution is advised.
I also made it configurable. That means that every thresher, harvester and overloading trolley should have a configuration named ‘Manual overloading in the shop. If you select ‘No‘ there, manual overloading, for which a vehicle is deactivated. The standard value is ‘Yes‘, so you have to start overloading manually when you borrow the equipment. But you can't dump on the ground here, because the land doesn't belong to you. So it's a little more relaxed.
Key assignment for starting and stopping the overloading:
Keyboard: [R]
Controller: [LB] + [Y]
I think that was all ...
I wish you a lot of fun with the mod!
MFG Ifko


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