FS19 – Peasantville 2 8X Production V1.1

Peasantville 2 8X Production V1.1 mod for FS19.
SEASONS READY: Extreme Farming, featuring Space Center Underground Caves sell points, largest underground highway system ever seen in Farm Sim, Not a flat map, massive highway and road system, 3 cities, 1 town. FULLY FUNCTIONAL AND WORKING 8x MAP!! single pre built farm with large cow, pig , chicken and sheep husbandry (must choose new farmer mode) Must start as new farmer: scenario You have taken the biggest chance of your life, you went and purchased a massive farm, complete with all the equipement, you left yourself with just 100000.00 and its spring, good thing you already filled all your machines with seed, fertilizer and stocked up on fuel, all your equipement is large specialy equipement with large capacities. (dont forget to check your auger wagons, storage facilities etc….). The farm business also comes with many contract to supply factories (found in your garage/global company) to transport those goods to market, your partners are already hard at work and have products waiting, and some ready for orders to start producing. Dont forget to supply your contract they have workers that need work to feed their loved ones too. The municipality of peasantville is very large, has many businesses that need products and servives , you will find it very hard to keep up with demands of the public and the businesses, hope you can handle it. with the peasantville seasons mod (supplied) you get hot summers where you can grow all crop types with 4 cold months of winter with lots of snow. (seasons missions coming) EXTREMELY LARGE FARMING DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? **Change of start equipment, farm silo and a few others things recommend download all mods** Majority of equipment you need is already purchased sitting in farm yard ready to work and other plaeces around the map.(MUST ADD MODS SUPPLIED IN ZIP FOLDER ***you must keep mods updated. All mods only avail in V1.1***) build your own areas at all 3 cities, additional factories etc. Plus many others areas to build your own areas.(city/town build your own is in “dirt” with no grass or trees.) NEW additions First new fruit type: Alfalfa by shywizard Large commercial storage facility near factories (north city), with dry, cold and bulk storage facilities.(supplied in zip file), including A large ATC container yard, with containers and loading machine and transport pack (complete ATC packs supplied in zip file) Large sea port (total 3) Airport Large Race track (with cars at race track ready to race. (supplied in zip file)) 3 of 3 trains complete (train 3 can pick up from certain train 1 and 2 silos) allows use of trains for majority of the whole map and move products to main city. Cat eyes, bumps and intersection barriers removed from highways Plus many other additions, mainly residential areas in city and some grass and trees remain to be completed please report any issue additional sell points Race Track SEASONS READY FS19_GEO_peasantville BATA (included in mods folder production mods peasantville 2.zip) ***REQUIRED MODS*** (Included in Zip files in Version 1.1 ONLY last change of vehicles and equipment all future map updates will onlly contain the map and any additional items needed not included in this pack!!!!) thanks to the modders that created the mods, please download any NON custom mods **must update mods when new updates comes out* except custom mods. **custom equipmenet will overwrite the original file if you already have it*** all equipment listed is purchased and ready in place (not at shop) ready to use…. 1.the map: FS19_Peasantville2.zip (required) 2.Farm mods, geo, factories, custom equipment: fs19 peasantville2V1.1Part2.zip(required) 3.equipment mods: equipment mods peasantville 2V1_1Part3.zip(optional will get errors for not finding owned item)


File Detail: 3.1 GB / RAR
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