FS19 – Steyr 760 Plus Basic V1.7

Steyr 760 Plus Basic V1.7 mod for FS19.
As the second tractor model, we provide you with the Steyr 760 Plus 2WD. This version will be extended / updated. Version 1.7.0 Steyr 760 Plus – Stoll FL console visible again – Rear hydraulic does not lower so much – Added differential entries again (760a) – Snow chains are now gray – Steering revised Info: Engine: STEYR WD 408.44 Transmission: Steyr 16g / 8r gearbox Gears Synchronized, 30kmh Tank capacity: 83l Net weight: 2580 kg BJ: 1973 Power: 60 hp Model: Standard wheels: v: Trelleborg 215 / 75R17.5 h: Michelin 420 / 85R30 Twin tires : h: Trelleborg 420 / 85R30 Nursing tires: h: Trelleborg 230 / 95R44 Speedometer, temperature display animated / illuminated Connection pants ready 2x DW control units installed via cross lever stäerkere ESP (injection pump) buyable (+ 10 hp) Stoll FL console buyable Used-Lool (rust) Cover with or without doors purchasable Ackerschiene installed Original sound recording (from fellow steyrmodder his 760) Animated exhaust flap Windscreen wiper animated (in rain) Conversion to power steering (steering cylinder installed) 2 AtacherJoints installed in front (1x trailer, for trailer and 1x trailerLow for purchasable front weight) 2x trailer AtacherJoint installed behind Since Giants in some trailers at “atacherJoinst” in the xml “trailer” has, although attached below include such as the feed mixer Kuhn. Thus jz below 2 “AtacherJoints” installed, once for those with the xml entry “trailerLow” and once for the trailer with the xml entry “trailer”. Trailers are attached to the Plus 760 jz so, depending on the distance to the muzzle, that is; If I’m closer to the trailer with the lower hitch (from the tractor), then it hangs down (Figure 1, 1a), if I’m closer to the trailer with the upper hitch (from the tractor), then the trailer is attached at the top (Fig 2, 2a).

Modell: DeutzAgroxta / STEYR Modding Team, Siloking Terminal: forbidden-mods/Bremi456, Hydraulikanschküsse FL-Konsole: Bremi456 (FBM Team)
Textur: STEYR Modding Team, Siloking Terminal: forbidden-mods/Bremi456 Hydraulikanschküsse FL-Konsole: Bremi456 (FBM Team)
Script: Giants Software
Idee / Konzept: STEYR Modding Team
Tester: STEYR Modding Team
Sonstige: Sounds: STEYR Modding Team

File Detail: 37.3 MB / ZIP
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