FS22 – Alteiche (Westerwald) Map V1.0

Alteiche (Westerwald) Map V1.0 mod for FS22.

Welcome to Alteiche, an idyllic village at the foot of the beautiful Westerwald. Here, where the cold wind whistles over the heights, strong hands and solidarity are required. The farmers on the local farms work closely together under the label “Landfreunde Alteiche”. But the residents in Alteiche are also closely connected beyond farm life. Everyone knows everyone... people like to meet up in the outdoor pool on hot summer days... have football battles on the hard court... protects the village during exciting fire brigade operations... and ends the day in one of the rustic inns.

What does the map Alteiche (Westerwald) offer?

- 1 open cow pasture with a maximum of 80 cows
- 5 farms
> "Dorfhof" with max. 45 cows
> "Wäller Hof" (starting farm) with a maximum of 80 cows and 360 chickens
> "Sonnenhof" with a maximum of 160 cows
> "Windhof" with a maximum of 540 pigs
> "Glückshof" with a maximum of 28 horses

- All farms can be purchased and managed via the farmland
- "Wäller Hof", "Sonnenhof", "Windhof" and "Glückshof" can be completely removed

- Cow farms and pig farms are ready for the "Manure System"
- Open cow pasture, "Dorfhof" and "Sonnenhof" are ready for "RealismAddon: AnimalGrazing"

- 2 field barns
- 20 fields
- 12 meadows
- 3 forest areas

- 1 small building site
- 4 large building areas for your own creative building ideas

- Various sales and production points
- 2 production buildings with new products
> Production factory: fries
> Farm and garden production: strawberry milk, strawberry jam, mixed salad

Are you ready to become part of Alteiche?
So roll up your sleeves and get busy.


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