FS22 – Beer Production V1.0

Beer Production V1.0 mod for FS22.

The Giants modhub rejects this mod because it doesn't fit their rules, so I published it here. Original name was Fermented Drink Production, but I convert them into beer production cause no more limitation.

Beer production for farming simulator.
The mod contains 2 buildings and a selling point:
- Beer production factory (Cost: $120.000)
- Beer production trigger (Cost: $40.000)
- Beer selling station (trigger) (Cost: $5.000)
Production trigger is meant to be placed near decorative buildings on the map, to "convert" them into production.
You can find production into "production" section of building menù, and the selling station into "selling station" building menù.

Beer production:
Inputs: barley, water, yeast, hop.
Output: Barley beer.

Inputs: barley, wheat, water, yeast, hop.
Output: Wheat beer.

Inputs: barley, oat, water, yeast, hop.
Output: Oat beer.

Inputs: maize, sorghum, water, yeast.
Output: Maize and Sorghum beer.

Inputs: barley, honey, water, yeast, hop.
Output: Honey beer.

Inputs: barley, strawberry, water, yeast, hop.
Output: Strawberry beer.

Yeast and hops pallets can be purchase in the pallet category of the shop.
The mod is also compatible with "Universal Liquids Transport".


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