FS22 – Bizon Gigant V1.3.0.1

Bizon Gigant V1.3.0.1 mod for FS22.

Series production of the Gigant began in 1976, and was completed 13 years later.

-Fixed back axis behaviour
-Fixed wiper animation

Initially, the Gigant was given the symbol Z060. Shortly thereafter, even before serial production, it was joined by the Z061 model. The main difference was the hydrostatic running gear.
In 1984, one of the 1980 Z061s was factory-converted and designated Z062.

Bizon Gigant:
- Engine power: 220HP
- Fuel tank: 300 l
- Grain tank: 5100 l
- Maximum speed: 22 kph
- Price: $44,000

Bizon Header 5m:
- Working width: 5m
- Working speed: 8 kph
- Price: $8,000

Bizon 6 Rows Corn Cutter:
- Working width: 4.9m (6 rows)
- Working speed: 7 kph
- Price: $7,500

Bizon Trolley 5m:
- Price: $1,500

- Minor visual improvements
- 6 rows corn cutter added
- Pipe outlet cover configuration added

- New motor sounds
- Tank cover folding on mouse control added
- Air Filter configuration added
- New tires configuration
- Improved back tires visuals
- Fixed outside camera position

-Fixed rims size on branded tires configurations

- Added Model Configuration (Z061 and Z083)
- Changed Front Tires and Rims Model
- Improved sounds
- Improved Textures and Visuals
- Swapped SimpleIC support for Interactive Control

Compatible with Interactive Control


File Detail: 75.6 MB / ZIP
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