FS22 – Die Erinnerung Map V1.0

Die Erinnerung Map V1.0 mod for FS22.

Welcome to the map of memories.

The card consists of:
- 205 ha divided into 150 fields, 17 of which are meadows (smallest field 0.2 ha and largest field 3.6 ha)
- 10 forest areas
- 2 areas each with grapes and olives
- 2 farms with cows
- 1 pig farm
- 1 small horse farm (purchasable separately)
- 1 chicken farm (2 large chicken coops)
- 1 sheep farm (purchasable separately)
- 1 grape/olive farm
- 1 BGA
- 6 sales points
- Orchards (apple, pear and cherry)
- Some productions are adapted, e.g. mueslie without raisins or bakery with additional cakes
- AI traffic on the main routes
- Train line in the south for the sale of bulk goods (note only bulk goods, no bales will be accepted and pallets cannot be loaded onto the train)
- 100 collectibles (collection shelf at the shop)

There are 4 map versions included.
A distinction must be made between multiplayer and single player based on the ID assignment as unfortunately not all buildings can be purchased with the farmland.
In the single player, everything belongs to you and you start on the Kleiner Kuhhof.
In multiplayer the farms are pre-built.

This is available as a version without and once with the Premium Expansion.
In the versions with DLC, the productions for soup, canned goods and chips are already placed and there are a few other decorative objects compared to the version without DLC.


File Detail: 331 MB / ZIP
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