FS22 – Dynamic Lowering V1.0.2.0

Dynamic Lowering V1.0.2.0 mod for FS22.

This mod allows the implements with which it is associated a dynamic lowering into the soil once lowered in the work phase.

Changelog v.
- Added tools on the list of compatible mods

Version or newer
- Ermo Pack (by SMI Modding Team)
- MGP P Series (by SMI Modding Team)

Version or newer
- Ocrama Kane 300 (by SMI Modding Team)
- Valentini Ripper 5500 (by SMI Modding Team)
- Pastò Thor 300 (by A-ndrea)
- Ermo Ripper 300 (by A-ndrea)
- Horsch Terrano 3FX (by Jonas)

Version or newer
- Namyslo Marracell 300 (by JMZ)
- Rolmako U436 (by JMZ)
- Rolmako U436 HP (by JMZ)
- Rolmako U436 H HP Pack (by JMZ)
- Rolmako U436 4 SH (by JMZ)
- Unia Cross Drive (by JMZ)
- Landstal Pack (by JMZ)

SMI Modding Team

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