FS22 – Foil Wrap Addon V1.1

Foil Wrap Addon V1.1 mod for FS22.

This package add the management of the foil wrap. The balers or bale wrappers can be filled with the foil, using the pallet with 15 rolls of foil wrap. The pallet is present in the pallets category of the store. Every roll is lenght from 1.500 to 3.000 meters and every bale is wrapped only if the balers or bale wrappers is refilled with foil wrap.

New additions
- added pallet of the foil wrap with selectable colors of the foil wrap
- added new configuration for activation with or without storage rolls
- added configuration for AI Worker
- added support for mod Course Play
Bugfixes & Changes
- Fixed for unsupported mod
- Added possibility to unloading the foil wrap

This package includes:
- Added the configuration for foil wrap for all balers or bale wrappers
- Added a new HUD that show the foil wrap fill level
- Added a new pallet with rolls of foil wrap for refilling your balers or bale wrappers
- Added pallets with rolls of foil wrap with different color design
- Added all default bale wrappers of the game edited for working with foil wrap, color and roll animation for size and rotation
- Added new store packs: "Foil Wrap" here you can find all mods that working with foil wrap
- The foil wrap used is calculated based on the size of each bale
- The bales are created with the same color as the foil wrap loaded on the balers or bale wrappers

Pallet with rolls of foil wrap:
Colors: white, black, pink, green, blue, grey, yellow, green, purple, yellow, beige, silver, grey light, grey dark, black onyx, black jet, JCB, Challenger, Schouten, Case IH, Massey Ferguson, Hardi, azul, Rabe, Lemken, New Holland, Boeckmann, Goldhofer, navy blue, Valtra, Deutz Fahr, John Deere, Fendt, Kotte, Claas, green olive, brown

15 rolls of foil wrap
1.500 to 3.000 meters of foil wrap for every roll
Price: 1.500 to 2.700 $

List of currently fully supported mods.

Basegame mods:
- Kverneland Wrapper 7850 C
- Kuhn SW 4014
- Anderson Group IFX720 XTRACTOR
- Anderson Group HYBRID X XTRACTOR
- Massey Ferguson MF RB 4160V
- Fendt Rotana 160 V Combi
- Poettinger IMPRESS 185VC PRO

DLC mods:

ModHub mods:
- MaizePlus - modId 253528
- EMScorpio - modId 285238
- Krone EasyWrap 150 - modId 283406
- QuickBale - modId 267194
- Deutz-Fahr Fixmaster 335 / Kuhn FB 3135 - modId 260695
- AutoWrap 1300 - modId 261669
- Mower And Wrapper - Hitch - modId 256023
- KUHN Silage Pack - modId 253450
- Poettinger Impress 200VCPro Multi Baler - modId 255633
- Tekla Z274/1 - modId 251857
- Sipma Tekla Z274/1 - modId 251858
- Ultimate Mowing And Baling Pack - modId 264491

- Always check that you have foil in the balers or bale wrappers before using it
- The balers or bale wrappers doesn't work if the foil is missing
- The use of the lubricating grease is interrupted when the option for the "Helper Refill - Foil Wrap" has been activated with "Buy" and therefore the need to refill is also disabled

DD ModPassion

File Detail: 3 MB / ZIP
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