FS22 – Ihc 644 V2.0

IHC 644 V2.0 mod for FS22.

I am making the converted IHC 644 available to you here

Version 2.0:
What was done:
1. Stoll Super 1 from Bremi456
2. This was done by maurice3001:
Decals new see pictures
Side panel engine see pictures
Radio and CB radio and antennas new see pictures
Bottom plate new on all except the Comfort 2000
Cylinders on the windows newly textured like various small parts (PBR)
IC point moved to the back so that the IC point can also be reached with Real View mod
Then have fun with the update, this will be the last update when a new LS is announced at FarmCom

I hereby make the IHC 644 available to you for DL. This was brought into the 22 by me and PeterAH, who made the sound for me etc.
It is not perfect, but has no errors or anything like that in the log etc. as usual with me.
Base price: 14800 €
Power: 54 - 66 HP
Top speed: 31 kph

What was done:
-Front hydraulics were added
-New lights
-Gear lever and group lever animated

- Engine version
- 2WD / 4WD
- Various tire manufacturers and tire sizes
- Different roll bars / covers
- Front attachment configuration (weights, tow bar, front hydraulics)
- Rotating lights
- Front loader (Baas, Stoll, Quicke)
- Various colors can be configured
- License plate

converted FS22: privatprivat, PeterAH, Maurice_3001converted FS19: SD1808, ihcpower733_official3d model: kreters_islandtextures: Pumasupports: Fabian Gogobär, HenrikBaas Frontlader Konsole: deutzfreakwsm, madabubFrontlader Hebel: Lumik610 (Lohner Klaus)Copyright © by Kreters-Island

File Detail: 28.6 MB / ZIP
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