FS22 – John Deere S7 V1.0

John Deere S7 V1.0 mod for FS22.

With new and elegant lines, when building the new John Deere S7, we look at its legendary big brother the X9. Borrowing some of the best features, we gave the S7 the same cabin, with more comfort and visibility. It all adds up to the most advanced, comfortable and capable S7 combine ever built.

Specifications of S7 models
S7 700-900
-Price: $272,000
-Power: 460, 540 and 617 HP
-Optional for models 700, 800 and 900
-Bulk carrier options: 3 fixed bulk carrier models, with optional arches, canvas and extension, as well as an optional folding bulk carrier
-Bulk carrier capacity: 10600, 12600, 14100, 15700 and 17200 liters
-Optional with 12 pipe models measuring 6.9, 7.9 and 8.7 meters, with two different spouts and optional fixed or folding pipe

S7 600
-Price: $226000
-Power: 382 HP
- Bulk carrier options: 2 fixed bulk carrier models, with optional bows and canvas, as well as an optional folding bulk carrier
-Bulk carrier capacity: 8800, 10570 and 14100 liters

General model specifications
-Optional tire brands Continental, Michelin, Trelleborg and Lizard rice makers
-Optional single, transport, double, wide and narrow track tires
-Optional front and rear signs
-3 models of straw chopper
-Optional with and without warning stickers as well as optional with or without cameras
-3 exhaust models
-4 tints of window film
-Optional G4 and G5 monitors
-8 back gauge adjustment settings
-Optional numbers from 1 to 9
-Compatible with the carpool system, requires the Kubota DLC
-Contains animations for the covers, mirrors, stairs, door, steering wheel column, seat adjustment, pipe spout and signals

Agro Tonho

File Detail: 43.5 MB / ZIP
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