FS22 – La Campagnarde Map V1.0

La Campagnarde Map V1.0 mod for FS22.

Hello everyone, I have the joy of sharing with you my very first map creation which is nicknamed La_Campagnarde_Farming_22 I spent several weeks to succeed, remain friendly and don't be too hard on my creation that I share these with you on it and far to be perfect my koi manage to make a good range on it
the map and made from a realistic mold as well as the location of the fields all the rest and realized with my imagination
_several type of factory
_ 1 Stud
_1 Cow Farm
_1 sheep farm
for people who like Forestier you will have something to please yourself
it has a total of 92 Fields
fields of all diamonds
important information: avoided adding too many mods because certain mods blocked the map generally I found no problem in games
Corn no longer, and not compatible a la carte
Course Play and compatible
the Multifruit and integrate into the map
the fruit add its: onion, Alf alfa, carrot, hops, lavender, millet, Poppy, rye, spelt, triticale
for installation: please unzip the folder you will find the map to drag it as it is into the mod folder of the game you will find a
second folder named mods open it and put all the mods in the folder where you have the map
I wish you all a good game.


File Detail: 4.1 GB / ZIP
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