FS22 – Maypole Farm V1.6

Maypole Farm V1.6 mod for FS22.

Welcome to Maypole Farm. This is a fictional Irish map that offer vast amounts of forestry as well as arable farming with multiple farms spread around the map for those who like to spread out or play multiplayer.

- Road network completly revamped.
- Multiple fields modified.
- Terrain modified around the map.
- Many changes to buyable plots of land.
- Sell points updated to work with the new Farm productions DLC.
- Buyable plots added for both Grapes and Olives
- PDA updated.

Farm yards are fully customizable so you can demolish all sheds and barns, cutaway all hedges, tree's and remove all walls, fences and gates. There is 128 fields all include missions and seven farms.

- 128 fields of all shapes and sizes.
- Small spotlights near barns point to the barn wall and / or fence, which are removed when you cut the light.
- Cutable hedges to expand or connect fields, or cut to open up the land.
- All the production chains of the base game are spread across the map.
- 7 farms, 6 farms have livestock and the seventh is an arable farm. All farms are spread across the map.
- Fully customizable farm facility in a modular environment, also known as farm is separated from barns, gives you the opportunity to expand your farm when you are ready to work with these animals (note that you need to buy the pasture for each barn before the triggers appear).
- 20 cartridges are scattered around the map for you to find.
- The map is Presicion Farming ready and uses a custom soil map.
- There are some large forest areas on the map as well as some much smaller plots.
- Free water can be found at the lake in the south of the map.
- All base game products can be sold at multiple outlets.
- AI splines can be found on the map to make it easier for hired helpers to move around.

Changelog 1.1:
- Manure heaps now fixed made purchaseable with land
- Floating tree at lake now fixed
- Some terrain modification
- Precision Farming Ready

Changelog 1.2:
- Fixed Karma18 position
- Fixed manure clamps clipping into feeding robots
- Fixed silage clamps.
- Minor terrain fixes
- Fixed floating tree's also moved some tree's to improve visibility in both 1st and 3rd person views.
- Disturbed Simulations UK growth calander implemented
- Added a flood light to all houses, if cut will remove said house and all items around it.
- All land within the playable area now purchasable.
- Large animal pen with increased capacities for animals, milk, slurry and food added to the build menu.
- 11 sheds added to in game build menu.
- stone wall and hedge added to in game build menu
- Some xml files updated to use functions introduced in the 1.5 patch such as storage bins having the ability to jump to them.
- Added ability to cut a light at the garage to remove all deco tree's (oak, birch etc) leaving only forestry tree's to cut down.
- Added the ability to cut a light at the garage to remove all field based hedges if you wish rather than cut each section away (hedges around pastures will not be removed but can be cut away if the land is owned).
- Some tree's replaced with more common Irish tree's such as elm and all spruce tree's replaced with Pine tree's.
- Placeables area added for you to purchase and use as you see fit.
- Post inside hedges made collideable this will stop the post dropping through the map after been cut away (hedges can still be driven through but will stop bales, pallets and logs from passing through them).
- 5 new fields added as well as multiple fields sizes extended.
- Production points storage capacities increased for both input and output produces
- PDA updated which improves dirt road visibility.

- Fixes issues with some tree's which caused game to crash.
- Fixed BGA so it has larger storage capacity, new save game required for this change to take effect.
- Fixed some hedges floating.
- distent mountains changed.
- foliage updates for dirt tracks
- sell point names updates.
- Background switched out and detailing added.
- Cow barns in the North west and south west farms now have a capacity for 1000 cows.
- Bailing contracts now fixed
- PDA updated.
- Suchsneak's Relight environment implemented.
- For PC/Mac player's the map is now Graze mod ready

Changelog 1.3:
- Animal pens food capacities updated to be maize plus

Changelog 1.4:
- Some farmyard sheds replaced to make way for new bale storage shed.
- All farmlands setup so on medium and hard difficulties all sheds etc do not spawn.
- Some old farmland fixes
- Animal spawner xml file removed to help improve FPS and also stop those lag spikes the animals cause when been spawned.
- Tall Floodlights at the store made sellable (requires a new game as they won't be there in current save)
- Cuttable flood light at one of the farms that caused the game to crash when cut now fixed.
- Dylan.C - Eire Agri Modding Irish License plates added.
- Combines, header, header trailer, cultivator and seeder added to starting fleet.
- Light added at the lake, if cut the water plane and boat are removed allowing for the land to be used for something else.
- Sell points updated to take DLC items

Changelog 1.5:
- New productions = Diesel, Dough, Doughnuts, Pancakes, Pasteurized Milk, Sandwiches, Soybean Soybean Oil, Soybean Milk, Waffles, Yeast, Yoghurt and more
- New textures for the following crops = Wheat, Barley, Cotton, Grass, Meadow Grass, Maize, Potato, Sunflower
- Farm building, barns etc are all there regardless of game difficulty, however to remove them they now cost you money.
- Solid Fertilizer tank will now allow you to buy Solid fertilizer and Lime and both can be stored together.
- Liquid Fertilizer tank will now allow you to buy Liquid fertilizer and Herbicide and both can be stored together.
- Seed/Mineral Feed tank will now allow you to buy both and stored together.
- Production modification = Bread requires Dough, Yeast and Sunflower Oil.
- Production modification = Cake requires the normal stuff however Pasteurized Milk replaces Milk
- Production modification = Milk is now processed into Pasteurized Milk and is used in some productions that Milk was normally used in.
- Production modification = Sugar Mill now gives a by production of Yeast.
- Sawmill is now a building you can delete after purchasing it allowing you to use the land for other reasons.
- BGA will now give an output of Methane which can be set to store, sell or distribute.
- BGA also now has Sugarbeet, Potato's and Straw as inputs which will produce Methane, Electric charge and Digestate however Straw will not produce Digestate.
- Production Diesel requires Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil, Soybean Oil, Water and Methane which can then be used for on your farm or sold.
- Silo's are no longer multifruit, they will now only accept the following. Wheat, Barley, Canola, Maize, Sorghum, Oat's, Sunflower, Potato, Sugarbeet, Sugarbeet Cut and Sugarcane, before updating the map make sure no other fruit types are present in your silos.
- BGA can now be removed after purchased, same with the Sawmill
- Sell points updated to work with all fill types added from the Premium DLC

- New save game required.


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