FS22 – Moss Valley Map V1.1

Moss Valley Map V1.1 mod for FS22.

Welcome to Moss Valley.

Changelog (new savegame required):
- crossplay
- store workshop fixed
- farm buildings are now removable
- removed manure from cows (manure pit is now placeable)
- fixed floating objects
- fixed fuel tank
- wind turbine can now be sold
- silage can be fed to cows
- fixed bakery
- added grain mill
- grass is now visible through winter
- added sugarcane and cotton to crop calendar
- and other minor fixes

With this DEM map you will be able to tackle the challenges of running a farm in the heart of Sheffield. With accurate farms and fields you will be able to really get immersed in the experience, almost like you're really running it.
There are multiple businesses that can take all your products, from grains to wood and everything in between. With built in productions, like dairy and bakery you're gonna be able not just sell the bulk crops but also process them and profit even more.
Demand on the forests is low so you can get them at a fair price and sell the wood at the local sawmill. There are not only cows, sheep, chicken and pigs you can also buy a small family run horse farm located on the north-west end of the map. You might also run into some handtools, they're not just decorative, if you find all of them you will get a really nice reward for them.
If you want to expand your farms with productions and don't want to waste expensive fields you can buy a placeable area, either near the bakery and bga or on the other side of the map near Carterhall grain elevator.
I hope you will enjoy this map.

- Lots of new accurate to real life models made for this map
- 82 fields (small, medium and big)
- 10 custom made collectables (handtools)
- 4 farms all across the map to fit every playstyle
- Buildings with lights and animated doors
- Huge forests to take on
- Custom tree, foliage and ground textures
- Hedges only have collisions for bales
- Custom Precision farming soilmap
- Multi terrain angle
- Mud system support
- Manure system support
- Built in BGA and other production points
- Multiple sellpoints
- UK license plates
- 2 placeable areas
- Seasons visuals
- Custom vehicle shop UI
- Seasonal hedge textures
- Custom lighting
- UK growth calendar (Disturbed Simulations)
- custom maize textures (BenjiFS)
- custom crop textures (Bulletbill)
- stubble tillage ground texture (Purcelixx)

VR Modding

File Detail: 562 MB / ZIP
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