FS22 – Rotdrosselheim Map V1.0

Rotdrosselheim Map V1.0 mod for FS22.

Welcome to Rotdrosselheim

The map contains:
- 137 plots
- 86 fields of which 9 meadows
- 28 forests
- On the map you will find a main farm and another secondary farm.
- There are further building areas for farms, productions.
- 7 houses in the town
- Vehicle dealer
- Cattle dealer
- Various buying stations for animal feed or consumables
- 14 sales outlets
- Farm shop
- Rock crusher
- Livestock dealer
- 24 productions
Sawmill, bakery, tailoring, dairy, sugar factory, spinning mill, diesel, fermenter, grass dryer. Fertilizer, seed production, compound feed cows, compound feed pigs, sugar beet pulp, grain drying, grist mill, firewood, farm bakery, farm dairy, strawberry processing, water supply, pizza production, pallet production
- Animals on the map Chickens, cows, sheep
- There are bags of chicken feed, cow feed, sheep feed, seeds, and fertilizer.
- Other consumables such as baker's crates, wooden crates, pallets
- 20 collectibles
- Precision Farming ready (DLC)


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