FS22 – Square Islands V1.0

Square Islands V1.0 mod for FS22.

Welcome, farmer to Square Islands map!
Your mission young farmer is to cultivate the lands of Square Islands and turn this peaceful small island nation into a major food producer and to export your produce to faraway lands using the island dock sell point.
There are 14 fields ready for you to start working on, of which you own two of them in new farmer start. Contracts can be taken on the remaining fields. Just call the farmers, and they will be happy to provide you with work and equipment if necessary. All buildings and fences can be removed on your starter island.
Bridges are connected to islands where there is a point of interest, so you can access all sell and buy points from the get-go. For other islands, you need to connect them with a bridge which can be purchased via the P menu under decorations. Note you need to own the island you want to connect the bridge from first.
The alternative is to use landscape tools to connect the islands, though is more expensive this way. The benefit of it, you get larger islands and more land to farm.

The Map.
40 Islands (39 purchasable)
51 farmlands ( 47 purchasable)
Farmland 1 is the ocean and can be purchased for peanuts if you so desire. You can then expand your islands with more farmland with a bit of landscaping.
Dairy and Sawmill production
8-ish islands with forest
Larry’s wood sell point
An export dock to sell wood, produce and bulk for a better price (not all items are sold at a premium price)
DLC items can be sold at sell points
Free water point at starter farm (water cannot be taken from the ocean as it’s salt water)
Animal dealer
Manure buy point
Lime, Seeds and Fertilizer buying station
12 collectibles
A maze that you can purchase and turn into farmland once the challenge has been completed. The two billboards on the maze island cannot be removed in-game.

The following mods are required for this map
Pack of Fences
Water Pack
Have fun farmer!

Farmer Rabbit

File Detail: 138.6 MB / ZIP
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