FS22 – Svc Gorbany Map V2.0.1.0

SVC Gorbany Map V2.0.1.0 mod for FS22.

Most of the buildings are located on real sites, but objects and industries have been added to add variety to the gameplay.

Version Changes:
- fixed missing price for oil.
- fixed home sleep trigger not working
- fixed lack of collision on some sections of the road
- bulk materials in quarries have been changed
- fixed bugs with grass in construction mode
- fixed initial lighting that was too dark and nights that were too light.
- edited placement of triggers on the fertilizer container.
- fixed the bunker at the base of the house (did not accept grain)
- fixed the bunker in Chopilki, the tarpaulin did not open
- flying objects have been removed.
- added support for fertilizers and herbicides by Kalderone (there were problems with the last update)

Some changes will take effect immediately, like with light and dark nights, while for others you will need to make certain manipulations so as not to start a new game.

To save your save so you can fix any bugs that were fixed in the update, you will need to do the following steps:

You need to perform all subsequent actions with two saves. Replace some save files with save files.

Step #1 Delete the old version of the map and download the new version into the mods folder, this is very important, because if your map stops at 60% of the load, it means that your map is not on the standard path.

Step #2 make a save in a new slot in the game, enter the game, save the game and exit the game completely.

Before this manipulation, make a backup copy of your storage!!!

Step No. 3, find the folder where your saves are located (located where the mods folder is) open the folder with the save. The name of the saves is savegame, the save number is the slot number in the game.

Step #4 Find the file densityMap_height.gdm in save, copy it and replace it, paste it into save ATTENTION IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING SCALE ON THE SURFACE, COLLECT IT, OTHERWISE IT WILL SPIPE! We carry out this action to restore the quarry; previously there was bran in the peat quarry, and there was peat in the sand quarry.

Also to fix, sleep trigger, bunker at home, bunker at Chopilki base, and fertilizer bunker at Chopilki.
You need to open the placeables.xml file in the save and replace SOME of the terms with the terms in the save
The placement blocks should be completely replaced for:
The block starts with

I am very grateful to everyone for supporting my work. This was the last global update of the map; in the future, only updates can be released for which it will not be necessary to start a new save.
Unfortunately, the map is large and some problems may still arise. For information on solving problems that may arise during the game, I recommend contacting my telegram group, where there will be instructions on how to solve them!

ATTENTION! When first playing, the lighting may seem too dark at the beginning, but it's worth buying or renting something from the store to stabilize it!
If the map won't start or stops loading, check the list of mods you've used. Then start connecting them gradually. The map may not support some mods or conflict with them!

The card includes the following:
- Multi-layered terrain (360° soil);
- Diverse terrain;
- Changed textures of trees and foliage;
- 40 new primer paint textures;
- Changed lighting;
- Lime, manure, silage purchase station;
- Weighing stations;
- New crops: rye, buckwheat, peas, mustard, clover, alfalfa.
- 2 detailed mechanized yards for parking equipment with garages, sheds, lighting.
- 143 fields from 0.1 hectares to 235 hectares with contracts for hay harvesting.
- 181 plots for purchase.
- 5 huge purchasable forest plots.
- 2 gas stations.
- 3 farms.
- 11 points of sale.
- Support for DLC Precision Farming.
- Contracts have been changed to suit the Ukrainian economy, new prices for work and equipment rental.
- New owners of fields: contracts for large fields are given to agro companies, for small fields - people.
- Changed economy.
Large industries: Sawmill; Mill; Creamery; Sugar factory; Bakery; Seed plant; Two grain cleanings; Sawmill; Grain dryer; Dairy; Feed mill (feed for pigs, monomix and mineral feed); Biogas.
Small industries: Meadery, charcoal production, firewood production, fish farming, fish smoking, beekeeping.
- Cattle dealer.
- Points of sale of potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, red beets and forest;
- Unique movement of pedestrians and cars;
- A starter house that has bees, chickens, greenhouses, some sheep and a small firewood production. The house has a cellar and a grain storage bin. Sleep trigger.
Everything is located modestly and cozy.
Map translated into: English, Polish, German, French, Russian, Czech.


File Detail: 2.1 GB / ZIP
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