FS22 – Teagle Tomahawk C120 V1.0

Teagle Tomahawk C120 V1.0 mod for FS22.

Teagle Tomahawk C12 Calibrator bale processor - a high capacity mill for processing dry materials such as straw (bales or chopped straw), grains:
wheat, barley, oat, soybean or corn and miscanthus to a consistently short length for feeding, bedding and biofuel.

The C120 2024 Product Update:
Easier Loading: The tub shape has been updated to make
it easier to load (see image).
Safe highway transport: Folding sides have been
designed into the tub for safe and compliant highway use.
A wider range of materials: The clearance from screen
to mill chamber has been doubled to improve output
and enable processing of materials with higher moisture
Increased capacity conveyor: There are now two drives,
one to discharge from the rotor chamber, and one to deliver
processed material (see image). Delivery conveyor is wider
and longer.
Smoother power loading: Software updates ensure
tractor power load peaks are minimised, whilst the output
remains high.
Easier maintenance: An auto greasing system provides
regular lubrication to main driveline bearings.
More durability: With a new sintered Tungsten Carbide
hammer design.

Manufacturer: Teagle
Model: Tomahawk C120
Category: Bale / Straw Processors (animals)
Price: 75,000 $
Mass: 5.5 t
Power demand: 180 - 280 hp
Discharge system: 45° 4-meter Folding Conveyor with discharge height of 4.6 meters
Mulching distance height: up to 4.6 meters
Recommended bale sizes: round bales up to 1.40m diameter and cubic bales up to 0.7 x 0.9 x 1.4m
Recommended bucket size: up to width: 2.70m (9ft)

- Custom material processing options,
- 3D chains,
- Visible welds,
- Rust efects after wearable.

JHHG Modding

File Detail: 15 MB / ZIP
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