FS22 – Universal Crusher V2.2

Universal Crusher V2.2 mod for FS22.

Universal crusher

The gold rush can begin.
Thanks to new processes and techniques, the universal crusher can now extract more raw materials from stones.

This universal crusher produces lime, gravel, ironore, goldore and copperore from stone by adding water.
The second production line includes the extraction of lime from limestone.
Sand filling production can now produce quartzsand in addition to the previous products industrialsand and playsand.

In order to further process the newly obtained raw materials, new factories have now been added for new productions.
This means that gold and copper can be made from goldore and copperore and silicon can also be obtained from the quartzsand.

If the universal crusher is installed on a map, the farmland is also purchased when the production is purchased.
The mod also contains a sales station that can be placed freely and where you can sell the end products from the universal crusher.

If you urgently need woodchips, you can also have your wood shredded here.

Price: 75,000 $

Lime and ore production: 20 cycles/hour stone 500/ water 300 -> lime 150/ ironore 50/ gravel 180/ goldore 40/ copperore 80 - Cost: $5/hour
Lime production: 10 cycles/hour limestone 500/ water 200 -> lime 450 - Cost: $5/hour
Sand filling: 10 cycles/hour sand 500 -> industrialsand 300/ playsand 150/ quartzsand 50 - Cost: $3/hour
Wood chip production: 20 cycles/hour wood 500 -> woodchips 490 - Cost: $3/hour

Silicon and ore production
Price: 100,000 $

Silicon production: 20 cycles/hour quartzsand 100 -> silicon 80 - $25/hour
Gold production: 20 cycles/hour goldore 500 -> gold 1 - $35/hour
Copper production: 20 cycles/hour copperore 100 -> copper 80 - $30/hour


- Playsand, industrial sand, quartzsand removed from the shop
- Adjustments to the Crusher areas


- all input products can now be purchased as a pallet in the shop
- Player spawn point changed
- All products can now be sold at the salepoint


- new production chain / production building
- new filltypes (quartzsand, goldore, copperore, gold, copper, silicon, semiconductor)
- Productions optimized


- Price corrected in description
- Icon position corrected
- Production output adjusted
- Added sand filling
- new filltypes sandbag and playsandbag


File Detail: 15.4 MB / ZIP
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