Global Explorer V1.1 FS22

Global Explorer V1.1 mod for FS22.

This mod allows the browsing of live global game data

Changelog v1.1.0.0:
- fixed bug causing GUI error on some configurations
- turned off debug logging
- switching between global, history and favorites lists no longer requires closing the list
- expanded the global variables list

Whether you're researching for a new mod or just curious what's in there, this mod makes the global data easily accessible. Just select a global from the Globals List ("g" icon) to see it's contents. The full element name and full value of the selected element is shown at the bottom (in green text). List getting to crowded? Click the green arrow next to the full name and it gets promoted to the root element at the top. If there's a root element that you use frequently, tag it as a favorite (using the heart icon on the left) and it will appear in the Favorites List (heart icon on the right). There's also a History List ("h" icon on the left) to track what you've been looking at.

The Global Explorer mod includes globals (i.e. g_currentMission) found in the source code included in the game and may not be a complete listing. New globals can viewed by entering them in the text box at the top and saved by marking them as a favorite. Only global data can be viewed as mods don't have access to each other's data.

- double click on tables in list to show their constituent elements
- g/h/heart icons (top right) for global, history and favorites lists
- heart icon (top left) to mark root value as favorite
- selected data element full name and value displayed at bottom in green text
- promote full name of current selected element to the root with the green arrow at bottom


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