Goldcrest Valley Map V2.0 FS22

Goldcrest Valley Map V2.0 mod for FS22.

Version 2.0:
- Train systems installed
- Trigger for train system
- Small farms (points of sale) installed
- Barn exchanged
- Built-in fountain (water source)
- Train sales point installed
- Collectibles installed (120x cheese)
- Silos made sellable at the farm
- Adjusted floating decals
- Error from log fixed
- Manure sale installed
- Flags removed
- Crane installed (decoration only)

Known bugs since the first version:
- PDA map does not fit exactly
- Error: Trying to set DensityMapHeightUpdater collision map with invalid size (8388608 vs 33554432)
- Warning: No tip collision map defined. Creating empty tip placement collision map.

A standard card, known from the LS17.
The map was converted into the LS22 by Dreamzy Modding
Since I played the map in the LS17 for a long time, I wanted to make the map "perfect".
My aim was to remove all errors and warnings.
Except for 2 entries I was able to do everything to the best of my knowledge and belief.
In addition, I have set myself the task of finding things that are still missing,
which existed in the LS 17 version, to be retrofitted,
to correct small errors and to insert new elements from LS22.
To appreciate the work of the original modder, the basic map was changed as little as possible.
So if there are still any errors or problems, please write them here in the comments.
Will then try to fix this in a "final" version.

- Giants- Dreamzy Modding- AK6070- VertexDezign, Niggels- Lancyboi- Stiffmeist79- Iconik- Team IWMM- FSPTMODDING- 810Modz/LewisModz- SidoxGamer- DN- OmaTana- Piesel- FedAction(FedMods)- FSPTMODDING- Agrar Modding- Peterzimmi

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