Goliaths Peak V1.2 SnowRunner

Goliaths Peak V1.2 mod for SnowRunner. Goliath’s Peak is a mysterious place that offers a wide range of terrain for all types of scout trucks. There’s a main road all the way around the mountain that acts as the leading trail road. Just inside that you will find a one of the longest dirt tracks in SR right now! Besides that, you are going to find a spider web style trailing system that consist of mainly rock crawling. 2,492 custom models worth. lol The main focus of the map is rock crawling, mixed with some swamps and dirt track racing. When you fist spawn in you see a small grade system to help you out on the trails. This is a fictional place with MR rock crawling style in mind. I wanted to give SR community a new place to crawl and test their rigs. Enjoy all!!!


File Detail: 370.5 MB / ZIP
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