Great White North Map V1.44-A ATS 1.44

Great White North Map V1.44-A mod for ATS1.44.

It is the dead of winter.
A deep freeze has hit Alaska, Canada and the northern USA.
All roads from from Kansas to Alaska, the pacific to the Atlantic are froze over.
This map simulates ice roads
THIS MOD REQUIRES ALL DLC. It is a stand-alone map. This map is the same scale as the main map. No other maps will work with this map. This is STAND ALONE so you must create a new profile. Then you must go to mod manager and activate this mod. Then when choosing Co. name and such find the map module then click on cana.mbd and finish other required info for new profile. Start game and pick start city and have fun. Don’t use with other physics mods unless it is my Extremely Icy Road Surfaces mod which makes for an even greater challenge. Place it above this mod. Directions: Brake setting all the way to the left and suspension settings all to the right. It should be used with a steering wheel. Disable auto-center on your steering wheel if you can. Steering wheel will go off center. This is supposed to happen. You will have to “feel” the new center. Driving in towns will take some getting used to. On Corners Very slow speed will turn tighter. Try idling the engine in a low gear. The faster you go the more chance of losing what traction you have. The Trailer will not wobble like other winter physics mods, but the back will slide sideways, and it will push you. Your truck itself will have less traction in front tires and may even slide sideways a bit when you are stopped. Even the slightest bump or hill has affect. The faster you are going on a curve or street corner the greater chance of loosing control. Use your gears a lot for both slowing and speeding up. Skipping gears on ice is dangerous. Your back duels or “traction tires” will slide sideways on corners and curves, kind of like drifting. You must drive accordingly. And don’t count on your brakes for to much. They will stop you at a light but if you are going to fast down a mountain you might have a problem. Use your gears and Don’t pump the brakes. Spinouts can happen if you miss a gear while climbing a grade and you may even slide backwards down the mountain and have to restart from the bottom. Small, slow and steady moves on the brakes, accelerator and steering is advised. I suggest using air brake simulation “ON” for more of a challenge. This mod will cause unpredictable slides and sudden pulls to left or right. All effects of the mod can be compensated for. Take your time and learn to drive on the ice. If you slide off the road and don’t slide off the “world” you can usually get going again. You can still get going 50, 60, even 70 MPH. but speed is you enemy on ice! This is NOT as difficult to drive as my Extremely Icy Road Surfaces mod but it is still a challenge and it is a stand alone map. No other maps will work with this map.
Put the .zip file in your mod folder.
Everything is there, in the one file, easy to use.

This has files used from C2C by Mantrid, Route Alaska v 1.3 by ivm, CanaDream and Triangle by RVC and Mantrid,Montaina Expansion by xRECONLOBSTERx, Midwest Expansion by Jacemeister, Sierra Nevada by Reforma,andThe Icy road tops are from Frosty v4.5 By Grimes and I usedthe states of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Wyoming and parts of Califoria, Nevada, Utah and Coloradoby SCS And I am K-DOG and I built this into a "stand alone" map mod.

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