Iowa Plains View V1.0.0.2 FS22

Iowa Plains View V1.0.0.2 mod for FS22.

Welcome to the Iowa Plains View. The map is based on terrain in the State of Iowa,US, but has been modified to fit the gameplay i like and will not represent any particular place or city.

Changelog v1.0.0.2:
- Removed unlicensed brands textures.
- Removed custom paintable ground textures that were cause an issue.

Changelog v1.0.0.1:
- Fixed missing 'function_seaSaltPallet' in l10n_en.xml
New savegame is not required.

New savegame is not required

This map is standard size and here you can build your game as you want, arable, productions or forestry or all of those.
The main farm is equipped with pre-placed farm buildings along with Cow Barn, Chicken Barn, Pig Barn and starter machines to help you grow your farm. All placeables on main farm, including trees, fence even farm road, can be sold.

On the map you will find:
- 30 fields, from small to big. Two fields are with Grass Mission.
- 2 Forestry sites
- Collectibles
- Traffic
- Pedestrians
- Added more paintable terrain texture.

Productions available:
- Dairy
- Sawmill
- Carpenter
- Bakery
- Oil Plant
- Sugar Mill
There are two new one:
- Watermill which will take your corn as well, and produce corn flour, which can be sold or sent to our local Bakery where you can make Corn bread, and
- Popcorn factory for producing of Popcorn and Popcorn Butter. For the production of both, you will need sea salt, which you can buy in the store.

Selling stations are:
- Livestock Bale Sell Point,
- Jackon's Farm and Grain Sell Point will take your grains and root crops.
- Garden Restaurant and Town Store will take your other goods.
- There is also a train that will ship your goods to Ravenport.

Iowa licence plates.

The seasonal growth plan has been adjusted to closer follow the region.


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