John Deere X9 1100 V1.0 FS22

Details in Farming simulator: - Harvester - 507kw / 690hp - 16200l - 550000eur - Variable (Prodrive) - 40kph / 24mph - 19t Real John Deere X9 1100 information: These new combines deliver an average of 45% more harvesting capacity across all crops, with no sacrifice in grain quality — all while using 20% less fuel2. The X9 1100 can harvest up to 30 acres an hour in wheat. And it can harvest up to 7,200 bushels an hour in high-yielding corn, which is more than enough to fill 7 semi-trailer trucks per hour.3 That’s Harvesting to the Power of X. According to independent testing by the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), the X9 1100 with HD50R header delivered 28% more harvesting capacity with no sacrifice in grain quality when compared with equipment from other manufacturers. That means you can finish wheat harvest a week earlier and move on to other crops. In canola, this combine and header also captures more crop, providing an additional $3.00 per acre of potential revenue. More power, without more fuel use X9 Combines have a new John Deere PowerTech™ 13.6-liter engine, which delivers a 14% increase in power and an 11% increase in torque over the 13.5-liter engine. A high-pressure common rail system more efficiently injects fuel into the engine for additional fuel savings. Loaded with integrated technology X9 Combines come with a technology suite that keeps efficiency and productivity at the highest possible level. From JDLink™ connectivity, to data tools like John Deere Operations Center, to automation features like Combine Advisor,* to guidance options that range from an integrated receiver for hands-free steering to automated turns and tractor/grain cart control — the X9 delivers. *Only available with Ultimate Technology Package Comfort and visibility The all-new harvesting cab offers more comfort and improved visibility2. Available in three packages with two lighting options.
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