Kogel Hirschfeld Trailer V1.1.1.2 FS22

Kogel Hirschfeld Trailer V1.1.1.2 mod for FS22.

Kögel 16,5m Tarpaulin trailer with Pallet Autoload

The large loading area can hold a maximum of the following loads (Autoload version 1.7.2)
- 22 liquid tanks or big bag pallets
- 45 big bags
- 78 Euro pallets in normal or oversize
- 6 round bales of cotton
- 30 180 round bales
- 48 150 round bales or 240 square bales
- 56 220 square bales
- 64 180 square bales
- 72 125 round bales

Model with kind approval by Edward`s Modding.

Price 24000€

Requires the mod "Pallet Autoload Specialization"

- Fixed LED

- All tarpaulins replaced by Hirschfeld tarpaulins
- Rear RUL replaced with new ones
- Color palette extended to Hirschfeld colors
- small easter egg hidden
- Fixed faulty textures                                                                         

- Trigger areas optimized for better loading
- Description corrected
- Added missing textures on the back
- Added agent node
- Hydraulic connections brought to LS22 standard
- Fixed license plate position
- Sides no longer fold so deep that they go into the tires.
- Trigger ranges optimized, as they still move when driving due to errors in the Giants Engine.

Cassy Blair, Achimobil, Edward`s Modding

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