New Holland T7 Extended Hud V1.2 FS19

New Holland T7 Extended Hud mod for FS19.

Incab monitor with tractor and Implements indications (ISOBUS)

Version 1.2 Changelog:

  • New damage indications with warning sounds at 30, 60 and 90 %. When the damage reaches 100% the tractor shut off
  • New Gps animations (gps active, auto steering active, a compass shows the horrizon points, animated swaths on screen etc…) Needs Guidance Steering by Wopster —
  • Indications for 4WD and Diff lock —Needs Enchached Vehicle mod—
  • Loading wagon,Baler and Wrapper full warning visual and audio indication
  • Auto speed control with baler and loading wagon depending on implement load.When you are on cruise control the tractor regulates the speed itself.At 100% implement load slows down and when the load drop, tractor gains speed again
  • Changed Bale counter. Shows bales and Wrapped bales count .—Needs FS19_BaleCounter mod by Ifko—
  • Many other Indications and tweaks

Recomended mods for best possible experience:

  • FS19_guidanceSteering by Wopster
  • TSX_EnhancedVehicle
  • FS19_BaleCounter by Ifko
  • FS19_REA (for slip indication)

Log is error free!
For every indoor rider!

New monitor with many information for the first time for Fs 19 such as:

  • Pto indication
  • 3 points hitch position indication
  • Def level
  • Air tank pressure
  • Battery voltage
  • Animated engine load
  • Engine power percentage
  • Animated cruize control level bar
  • Wheel slip percentage (CAUTION needs Added realism for vehicles mod from 900Hasse for this indication).
  • Added monitor IC functions for choosing the attached implement
  • (For the correct screen appearence you have to close the previous and then activate the next one)
  • Isobus screens with currently supported imlements such as:

Rotor rpm
Baler fill level
Bales produced (Beta WIP Indication)

Forage Wagon:
Fill level

Fill level

Model: Giants, Monitor script: Antonis78

File Detail: 38.1 MB / ZIP
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