SnowRunner – Actual Weight V1.0

Actual Weight V1.0 mod for SnowRunner. This is a comprehensive mod that change a lot of things. This mod’s objective: the dificulty of the game will come from the cargo and no from the trucks themselfs. Pick your scout and enjoy it, don’t be stuck in the one that is the clear better option. The original game focus on the downgrade of trucks and scout to make the game more easy or difficult, depending on what machine you pick, that result in selling all starting trucks, going to Russian and picking far superior trucks with Always – AWD and Activable / Always – DiffLock to make the game less tedious. Because of that, the cargo and the trailes (even the gigantic ones) where underweighted, the wheels had like no friction or grip, or you will never move any cargo at all. Another result of that desing was smaller scouts could move 2 pallets full of cement or bricks even in the most ridicolous of terrain conditions, a job that is reserved for the trucks. With time you will learn what truck can do the job that you need to do, and some jobs will be left for later, just like the original game, but for different reasons, now clearing the roads and building bridges is far more important, the elevations will change a lot your route plan, and some cargo/trailers will be better moved with 2 trucks instead of 1 to make your life easier This mod change/overwrite: – All suspension files (DLC included): Stiffer ones for trucks (the rear suspension is stronger to support the increased weight of the cargo/trailes/semitrailers); more soft and “offroad” for scouts. – All wheel files (even the templates, but no the trailer-semitrailes ones): More grip in general and more performance across all terrains – Scout Files (No Tatarin): Changed weight distribution and wheel placement when needed (if you have mods that already change the scouts it will overwrite it) – All engines files: Trucks +50% power, scouts overhaul, russians and americans have now equal power. More power on the old engines (not a % over the original but a new value in each one) – All gearboxes files: Trucks now have 10 gears, and scouts have 6 gears (except that one scout is using a truck’s gearbox, in that case it will have 10 gears) and more speed (but no like racing car speed, these are gearboxes for offroad and heavy cargo. Some are more complex and have more functions but no gearbox will reach 100km/h – 60m/h, maybe) Aprox 20% more speed at the higher gear across the gearboxes. Also H is intended for cruising speed on dirt, L, L- and L+ are intended for loaded trucks in mud, dirt, elevations, and asfalt (if the truck is not moving), but you can do what it suits best for you. – All cargo files: cargo have been reweighted accordingly to a real life counterpart, and some unespecified cargo, like general crates weight more now (you can suggets weight changes if can extrapolate an example to support you claim). – All trailers files: trailers weight more (x5 – x15 more depending on the model). Heavy trailers are also heavier, the bigger ones are aprox. 40.000 kg (big rig, etc.) the center of mass is also ajusted, i’m no masoquist or evil, i don’t want a trailer to tip and us to need to restart the whole mission because the trailer don’t move, even if Zeus himseft will help us. More repair parts, fuel and wheels – All addons files: Addons reweighted, center of mass changed. More repair parts, fuel and wheels, also more weight, stronger cranes. This mod doesn’t change: – Truck files (except Scouts) – Winches files – Does not add more wheels or wheel’s size to trucks or scouts – Does not add more engines for trucks or scouts – Does not add more fuel to the trucks or scouts – Does not add more gearboxes option to the trucks or scouts – MANUAL INSTALLATION – Open Initial.pak located in Epic gamesSnowRunneren_uspreloadpaksclient, Move the Media file into the initial.pak this way you will not change another mod that do change truck files and such


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