SnowRunner – Enhanced Dan 96320 Sandworm M181 V1.0

Enhanced Dan 96320 Sandworm M181 V1.0 mod for SnowRunner. I often find myself looking at the weird trucks in Snow*Runner, the sometimes forgotten trucks. One of the trucks always stood out to me while scrolling through the garage was the DAN. A stripped down missile carrier with a weird face and lots of frame room for the paltry selection of add-ons they deemed it worthy to carry. Well to hell with that, this Enhanced Series DAN has tons of options for you to pick and use. Changes over the stock DAN include: Handbrake on all axles Improved steering angle and responsiveness Realistic fuel capacity Faster start-up speed Less exhaust smoke Auto Winch HD added Widened wheel track Superheavy tire selection including custom wheels by Quasimiyao New Raised, Active, and Front Lift suspension options Added back-up beeper and chassis stress sounds New lore-friendly top-tier engine CrawlerBox Special HD added Slightly stiffened chassis Fixed red front marker light and lit up other lamps that were inop No region/exploration lock Custom UI descriptions Added visual and performance customization options More frame add-ons to choose from New paint schemes If you have any comments or concerns, please let me know. And if it’s something that needs to be adjusted, I will group things together and release a patch. Drop a thumb and a review if you’d like. Your feedback steers both the “Enhanced” & “MemeSpec” series trucks. I have a pretty good queue of trucks lined up that I’ve wanted to tackle, and a few refreshes of old trucks, so stay tuned. I’m not able to take any more requests at this time. Version history: Sep 20 2020 – 1.0.0 – Initial release (See front page for changes over stock DAN 96320)


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