SpinTires Mudrunner – Dark Valley Map v1.0

Dark Valley Map v1.0 mod for Spintires Mudrunner. The map is made based on the location of the “Dark Valley” from the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R (designed mainly for single player passage). For accessing the card for general access – thanks to Andrey Kotenok. More screenshots in the video preview below. On the map: 1 – gas station 2 – sawmills 4 – a hero with his tasks 9 – eyelet 1 – boat at launch (not replaceable) 7 – cars on the map Cargo technical part: (see video below) 1) Artifact 1 piece – we carry to the bandit (only UAZ is loaded) 2) Boxes with vodka 4 pieces – we carry to hucksters (we hook the trailer to UAZ) 3) Boxes with weapons 4 pieces – we carry to Ashot (ZIL-130) 4) A cell with a pseudo-wolf 1 piece – we bring to the scientist Sakharov (GAZ-66) 5) We transport logs from the loading point to two sawmills (Kraz-255B) 6) Pontoon ferry is collected by boat For a complete immersion in the atmosphere of “Stalker” you can download the pack with instructions. The archive has (animated screensaver on your desktop, compa ala stalker, a new “Day and Night”, as well as sounds of the environment.) In the Dark Valley, everything has changed, the military control most of the valley. Everywhere the arranged military posts do not allow the Freedom group to live in peace with the bandits in order to survive at least somehow. One hope is for Tagged, which is the neutral side of the conflict. On an old boat, bypassing the cordons, Marked falls into this territory. He will have to pick up his old UAZ from the bandits who justified the new base not far from the abandoned pigsty. But the leader of the bandits Schram so simply will not give him up, he will have to work for him and get him the valuable artifact “Gravel”. In gratitude, Scar will give the car and load it with equipment, the so-called Freedom group, and of course will not forget about his not big business with a huckster (counterfeit swill), which must be carried out through a drawbridge for a small fee. To ensure the grouping of weapons will have to repair the old ZIL and bypass the military cordons to bring him from another base. The Ashot merchant is already waiting .. But this will not end there, Professor Sakharov asked the commandant to help. The third week they have no contact with colleagues who settled in the mountains to catch and deliver to the base of scientists a pseudo wolf for further study (the path will not be close, it is better to take the GAZ-66 which is in the garage). To do this, you have to deliver fuel to the Freedom base. Tagged more than once passes military checkpoints – it is necessary to work on them so as not to arouse suspicion. Fortunately, they also have a task for the Marked One, it is necessary to bring out a forest where cutting is carried out for a new military base.


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