SpinTires Mudrunner – Gas-66 "Mutant" Truck v1

Gas-66 "Mutant" Truck v1 mod for Spintires Mudrunner. Another my gift to exotic lovers is a shisha mutant. Like all my mods, it is made with a notepad from the default parts. I did it for fun, pure neighing, but the result surprised and wanted to share with you. It turned out to be a replacement for caterpillar equipment, devoid of its shortcomings (it does not suffer from flocking of psaltery and is visible to everyone in multiplayer)) .. Shishok does not deaf under water, has good patency and control. On board a multistage smooth box, a powerful engine, a modified camera with a good view, zoom. The center of gravity is increased (within reasonable limits). Nashpygovan all the necessary add-ons – 24 pieces (the reserve from the oise compensates for the consumption of the solar bars and gives the repair) Ideal for exploring and transporting goods. Treat fashion with humor, it does not pretend to be plausible, introduces variety in the game and lives in the section “not for everyone”. If something does not suit you, feel free to cheat on your taste.

sonic1968 (Aizek Asimov)

File Detail: 2.1 MB / RAR
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