SpinTires Mudrunner – Give Ends – Spintires version 2 of v0.2

Give Ends - Spintires version 2 of v0.2 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
Card “give ends” class hard. This time you have to ride on the semi-covered sandy bottom of the river, mountain roads and a bit of orienteering in the swamps! ATTENTION! Not all the saws have a road (there is a direction, look for signs).

With your brigade, you found out that there was a wood on a certain plot and that it would be nice to fool around, and since you do not have a forest document you need to drag the forest past the posts in order to sell it there. For 2 sawmill nada to drive in with black so to say move, there are still two bridges one not completed (new) second old in winter it broke and they wanted to repair it, but the barge that transported to that bank broke you need to repair it and share fuel but in the next the port will not let you through with the forest looking for a way out of the situation!

ATTENTION: SpintiresMod is required + last DLS.

On the map:
1 garage (closed)
6 sawmills
1 simple and 2 random goat loading + autoloading for dir arcade
3 fuel stations
14 intelligence points
4 cars at the start (replaceable) and 6 cars will open the game’s hike, this is Hamer, MAZ-538, Ural-4320 blue, Zil-131, Kamaz-65111, MAZ-6317.

Also on the map there is a ferry from Vlad_sve.
Ferries 2, 1 will be spare if 1 sinks (I advise you to open it too)
To load a car on the ferry, bring it to the port as far as it will go, lower the ramp (key 4), while the protrusion on the ramp should fall into the stopper, otherwise it will sail off when the “landing” from the ferry!
It is not recommended to transport 2 heavy (loaded) cars – there may be problems with the management of the ferry!

I do not advise you to “land” on the beach in an unforeseen place – you will lose both the car and, possibly, the ferry!

There are a lot of third-party objects on the map that WILL BE)) but as long as you open the map everything will settle down)!
Not all the power-saw benches have a road look for driveways (the direction indicated by the arrow to the left is not very difficult here!) ********** I advise you not to spend any repair on repairing the barge ********** **

The map was made under the standard test equipment in the Urals with a 4-point loading point and a Krase for 6-point loading points is always passable. The terrain is somewhere mountainous so that the roads are appropriate (winch to help))

Map “give ends” class light (lightweight-smoothed roads in the mountains, cut corners, 2nd barge on the go. Did not touch the dirt left from the standard version). The first link to download the light version and the second link to download the light version

In a pleasant game and write reviews, etc. and etc.!


File Detail: 136.5 MB / RAR
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