SpinTires Mudrunner – Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack V2.2

Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack v2.2 mod for Spintires Mudrunner. I am glad to present you a new version of the mod * Realistic graphics Adega Mod Pack *! It includes the mods I previously created * Realistic lossless graphics *, * Realistic fix graphics ReShade & ST mod * and my other mods are now in one installer. Works in versions 22.03.19, 08.14.19 Graphic arts • Returns game natural colors • Removes stains on the camera • Removes noise at night • Make Christmas trees in the game fluffy • Changes the grass in the game to a more natural • Removes ridiculous red tint from all plants • Replaces a winch cable with a natural one • Changes the weather with a smooth flowing time of day • Makes beautiful sky and clouds • Makes water realistic • Corrects the ground surface of the game • More than 140 textures have been fixed, I don’t see any point in listing • Makes dust more realistic and there are options to choose from • There are 6 types of different logs • There is ReShade with the best filters configured • Changes the appearance of stones • Changes the look of the chipper • Optimized a large number of textures • There are new dashboard options • It is possible to make the compass transparent • There is a choice of clouds • Various night options • Options to choose from: young month, full moon, no moon • It is possible to remove pieces of dirt from the wheels • It is possible to choose realistic splashes from water • Corrects headlights on white and adjusts other car lighting • Turn off street lights during the day • Turn off extra headlights on cars during the day Cars and addons • Returns the original radiator grilles (Ural 4320, Ural 432010, Gas 66, UAZ 3151, KamAZ 65111, Kamaz 65115, Kamaz 4310, Maz 6317, KRAZ 255, ZIL 131) work great in multiplayer • 5 cars were returned to the game menu deleted by the developers: 2 cars A-968M, S-4320, S-65115, D-535 • Many cars are registered with add-ons which were not there before (long dissolution, self-contained crane, platform with a crane) • Also added to most cars additional tanks • Fixed UAZ wheels 3151 and Ural 432010 on off-road • Power and other characteristics of the car are not affected. • Zil 130 and KamAZ 65115 connected differential American trucks plus • All American cars have improved traction, without increasing power. • GMC DW950: mounted loader, new texture on the headlights, constant differential, increased steering angle. • Ford LTL9000 mounted loader. • Freightliner FLD120 installed repair parts. Ridge DLC Plus • D-538, B-6A increased throughput and engine power. • B-6A and hook points added to the tank. Trailers added. miscellanea • It is possible to enable branch physics • It is possible to enable stone physics • It is possible to select the intelligence point checkbox • Simplified garage menu for SpinTiresMod 1.9.1 Remove screen captions • Removes unnecessary inscriptions: Response, Transmission, Passed, Distance and Steering devices are used. Open all cars and maps • Attention! Overwrites game save and default settings to open all cars and all cards with one Marshall star. Useful for those who have lost the gameplay. Disks get dirty • Rims on all defaulted cars are now dirty in the mud with varying degrees. Autumn weather • Autumn atmosphere of the game with clouds, with denser fog, the sun sets behind the clouds from time to time, all the colors and light of the sun are made in autumn. Installation • Follow the instructions of the installer, specifying the folder “MudRunner” • Choosing the desired components • Complete installation • Run the game through SpintiresMod and enjoy • If for some reason nothing has changed after installation, then clear the game cache manually (C: Users userName AppData Roaming SpinTires MudRunner) • Selection with a different configuration of components is carried out through removal and reinstallation, and is made so that it is possible to return the game to its original state. ReShade Connection • In SpintiresMod, click * Game Settings * and click the * Settings * tab, put two checkmarks * Enable the built-in ReShade * and * Your ReShade configuration file *. Then through the button * Browse * we find the folder with the game and select our file ReShade.ini click * Apply *. • Run the game through SpintiresMod and enjoy Delete • There are several removal options • Through the Start menu, if you have agreed to be added to the Start menu • Through the installation and removal of Windows programs • Using the desktop shortcut • Via a file in the folder “C: Program Files (x86) Uninstall Adega Mod Pack” • After removal, the game will return to its original state, as before installing the mod Version 2.2 for Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19): Attention! I recommend everyone to update on the corrections described below. • Added average dissolution at 535 and 537. Maz 535 received a new spare tank. Extended functionality. • Added repair parts on an autonomous forest crane. • Additional tank and repair parts for: board, kung, garage parts. • Ural spare tire now with an additional tank. • Ural 432010 inherited the board and garage parts from Ural 4320. Functionality expanded. • Kraz 255 received 2 cans on the steps. • Kraz 256 received a spare tank for a platform with a crane. • GMC received a spare tank on board and for repair parts. • Bugfixes: all hanging or failed boards and other add-ons on all cars have been fixed, all types of log loading on all cars have been fixed, a bug has been fixed in the mesh registration in four places, the code of registered add-ons has been optimized.


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