SpinTires Mudrunner – Settlement Map v10.01.19

Settlement Map v10.01.19 mod for Spintires Mudrunner.
Welcome to Spintires Logging!
We are currently building a logging settlement on the island of Mudrunner and are in dire need of your services. Our trucks run out of fuel, they break, and the garage really needs supplies and lumber.
Where you landed on the ship will be your final destination as soon as you have completed your assigned tasks and loaded logs. It is highly recommended to bring a partner or several!

Take everything on the island of Mudrunner that you are offered. You will find a raging man-made river – be careful with the water here, although we have built a small dam, the water is still rather cruel. There is a 4×4 somewhere on the island, which is great for some pleasure, if you need a break – probably just need some fuel. There are two big rocky mountains that we have blown up through what you will need to climb – or you can also take 4×4 for some rock climbing. Watch out for the hidden cab. This is a great place to get some sleep if you’re tired. Once you cross the bridge, turn right and you will see the garage behind the sawmill. We plowed up pretty decent roads and roads that traveled well, so you shouldn’t have too many difficulties. We also have a trawl on Western Star to transport trucks that are too damaged to handle. Oh, I almost forgot. There are no gas stations yet. Still on the old to-do list. So make sure someone brings a truck with fuel. You will need it.

Here are your tasks for the trip:
1. Fuel for car operation
2. Fix crane for loading logs
3. Deliver supplies to the garage
4. Moving to the current log load area
5. Deliver logs to the sawmill near the garage
6. Deliver logs to the sawmill near the ship

To start the card requires the presence of 3 DLC: Valley, Ridge and American Wilds.

On the map:
– 1 garage (closed);
– 5 points of intelligence;
– 1 logging + 1 loading point;
– 2 sawmills;
– 4 cars + 2 slots for cars.

Do not replace the 1st machine, otherwise there is not enough fuel, as there is no refueling.


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