Spintires Mudrunner – Zaz-968M “Blind Chornobylets” v1.0

Zaz-968M “Blind Chornobylets” Car mod for Spintires Mudrunner. At one time this machine was an ordinary static object at the beginning of the game Stalker, and then in Spintires. And finally, in MudRunner we “revived” it – now the “dead” ZAZik full-fledged SUV, but only without the headlights (they are broken), without the glass with the ever-dangling wheel, etc. Features:  4 of its add-on + 1 default. Can carry your cargo (sacks with beets or potatoes – fantasize as you want 4 points. Tried to convey the real physical parameters: only rear-wheel drive, independent suspension, realistic weight, etc. The differential is always blocked (two wheels are rear), the wheels have off-road (increased) throughput – it was necessary to do so that the machine well overcomes the dirt. ZAZ has a good passableness, but within reasonable limits, all the same do not forget that this is a light car, and even a non-wheel drive. In the development of the fashion I express my gratitude: Vlad Novitsky (advice), Yura Sakhalin, By Pra (video tutorials), subscribers and viewers of my channel on YouTube (recommendations, advice). Please report bugs and shortcomings.

Bogelman Dmitry (Bogelma)

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