SpinTires – Product 405 Mu

Product 405 Mu mod for Spintires. I will not describe the prototype, let’s go straight to the model. The model is made completely independently, though not always the original. But the essence of the publication is not in the model, but in the tracks. Many options have been made in order to find out the reason for the tracks to slip through the rollers. And I found out. In this model, not everything is perfect yet, but subsequent publications will shock you. In the model, the caterpillars do not spontaneously fly off. On the contrary, there are cases when objects (a huge stone, a stump, a large branch) that fall between the caterpillar and the roller stop the model and prevent movement. Regarding the BAT-M add-on, it is best to connect it with the model, since a separately installed one it works and does not look very correct. If you wish, I will publish a separate version of the BAT-M, or add a mod to the update. The mod works equally with all versions of ST +, but still I recommend installing the config from the archive. The developer’s menu is turned on, and if the gusli is already torn, that is, the ability will reboot in all game modes. Enjoy the game and take care of the tracks!


File Detail: 17.6 MB / ZIP
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