Spintires – Sea Breeze / Sea Breeze Map V1.0

Sea Breeze / Sea Breeze Map V1.0 mod for Spintires. Hello comrades. This is my second card, still a pen-filled. My dream from the very beginning of acquaintance with this game. A map on which everything depends on your ability to think quickly and masterfully operate a car. The map is small, so I added a second sawmill, but as for me, the map with one move was rather complicated. Consider this as a beta test, someday I’ll roll out a large map with the same bias. On the map: – 1 loading point; – 1 felling site; – 1 gas station; – 1 garage (open); – 2 sawmills; – 2 points of intelligence; – 1 car. And one more question, personally interesting from myself – what version of SpinTires do you play?

Gleb Electronic Systems

File Detail: 2.9 MB / RAR
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